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President Zuckerberg – UNHERD

Illustration for Unherd magazine on the political ambitions of Mark Zuckerberg. Often for commissions use a process of scanning multiple sheets of colour and linework and then comping them together in Photoshop. This allows for greater freedom in the editing stage than is the case with a full painting.
Gouache, ink, digital editing, 2018.


Feature for Reader’s Digest (UK) about crazy laws around the world. Gouache, ink, coloured pencil and digital finishing, March 2018

Saga Magazine

Illustrations for Saga magazine (UK)

Gouache and ink on paper


Christmas shopping stress Keeping the sex alive Avoiding arguments in relationships (opener illo & spots)


Pimms Website

July 2014: commissioned by Pimm’s in conjunction with Mother London and Love Creative to illustrate a full relaunch of the Pimm’s website and social media presence. The brief was to provide a light visual tone representing the ‘world’ of each product, as well as extensive lettering and icons around the site.

pimms_website_1 pimms_website_2 pimms_website_3 pimms_website_4

Social media illustrations (“In summer, it’s never not Pimm’s O’ Clock”):

Misc. Editorial 1

Miscellaneous work for magazines and newspapers

Southwest Airlines magazine: for a piece by Steve Almond about returning to his childhood summer camp as an adult with a family.
Gouache and ink on paper, 2017

Radio Times: enjoying your midlife crisis. Gouache and ink on paper, digital editing, 2017
Guideposts magazine (US): reader’s story about an older woman who makes friends in a new town by discovering her local launderette book club. Gouache and ink on paper, 2017

The Bank of Mum and Dad, Spear’s magazine. Gouache, ink and digital editing, 2015

World of Whisky magazine. Ink and digital colouring, 2017

Conde Nast Traveller: Gallery etiquette in Dubai. Gouache and ink on paper, digital editing, 2016

The End of Oil, for Unherd magazine

Radio Times: Starlings on Prozac and other true stories. Gouache and ink on paper 2015  The taboo of not wanting children, Das Magazin (Germany), 2016. Gouache and digital

Pimms Press

Work for Pimm’s (July 2014) in conjunction with Mother London to illustrate a series of press ads.

pimms_press_1 pimms_press_5

Radio Times

Various illustrations commissioned by the Radio Times.



radiotimes_3    stevepunt_radio